Essay on Dale 's Cone Of Experience

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Dale’s Cone of Experience

Dale’s Cone of Experience has been divided into three levels based upon the experiences or instruction at each level. The first level, at the top, includes verbal and visual symbols. The middle level is comprised of recordings, radio, still pictures, motion pictues, television, exhibits, field trips, demonstrations, dramatized experiences, contrived experiences, and direct purposeful experiences. As noted in another article, Dale did mention that the further down the cone you traveled the more sense you involved. The top level represents the most abstract experiences along the cone. As abstract they do not provide a tangible, real life representation. They may be a representation of an idea that does not visually look like or appear to represent the idea at all. An abstract activity in a math classroom would be students using a surface area formula to determine the amount of paint it would take to cover the walls of the classroom. Students would be given the measurements through a word problem and not actually measuring themselves. In a geography class students might experience an abstract activity while studying a map and being asked to hypothesize or determine the major economic or industry the region has to offer, based upon location. The middle level of the cone is referred to as the iconic level. Iconic in this sense refers to the ability to have a visual or auditory representation. It is possible to have both representations at…

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