Culture : A Distinct Difference Between Appreciation And Appropriation

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For a number of reasons, culture is significant to a variety of ethnicities all around the world. When people think about culture they tend to think of traditions, values, and beliefs. We often gain a sense of knowledge about culture from our family, friends, the education system, and media. Thanks to the many forms of communication surrounding us, it is almost impossible for people in a certain culture to be unaware of cultures outside of their own.
When learning about other cultures an individual may find a certain culture interesting and even similar to their own. There are people who take part in different cultural holidays, dress in different cultural clothing, wear different cultural hairstyles, learn different cultural arts, and most commonly learn different languages. Although, being involved and informed about other cultures is universally acceptable there is a distinct difference between appreciation and appropriation.
According to Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary appropriation is the act of taking something for your own use, usually without permission. Culture cannot be physically taken because it is innate. However, appropriation can occur by someone making a mockery out of another culture or by presenting the culture as their own and discrediting the actual culture to which it belongs. The African American race has been appropriated by other races for centuries, particularly by Caucasians.
Originally, the African American culture was being appropriated…

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