Critical Thinking Requires Self Thinking Essay

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Critical thinking requires self thinking, problem solving, the ability to ask the hows and whys and what can you do with the information you acquire or come up with, either if you are trying to create something, one will have to have a reason for it, purpose will it have, why do I need or how it going to serve me or those around me. When trying to solve a problem finding out how did you get there, what progress cause it, and what Mesures needs to be taken to fix it or ensure it does not happen again, critical thinking is the only way to get to the root of the problem.

Now employers states that students lack the skills of superior critical thinking and problem solving after 2 or 4 years of college, here we ask why. We should be able to use the critical thinking analyses process itself to answer the question and identify the origins of this imbalance between graduates and employers as follows:

1- I am not an expert, and have not lived the college life, but I do live in a City surround by Colleges and Universities and from what I can observe, students are still finding themselves, two or even for years in a close environment does not gives you fully experience of what the real world is, not to generalize, but these years, for some are the first time away from home, so the idea of self discipline does not come easily for most, actually the opposite is seen, freedom away from home gives these young adults the change to break the rules or simply not setting any self guidance,…

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