Essay about Counseling Sessions, Self Report

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counseling sessions, self-report, and reports from her mother, and the school counselor if Rosie gave consent for her to be involved in treatment. Progress will consist of reductions in negative affect, such as depression and anxiety, and reductions in negative behavior, such as acting out in school, or acting withdrawn. The counselor might choose to have Rosie retake the PCL assessment, in order to determine if it indicates a decrease in her PTSD symptoms. However, in evaluating progress, self-report by Rosie will be the primary measure, as long as it can be determined that she is being honest, and not hiding any suicidal feelings, or ideation.
Counselor Effectiveness and Potential Changes in Treatment Mode Counselor effectiveness will be gauged by positive changes in Rosie, and whether or not she seems to be progressing as expected in counseling. If she is not, the counselor should consider trying a different method, or failing that, referring Rosie to a different counselor. Rosie should be consulted as to her feelings about whether counseling is helping her or not, and her feelings should guide whatever changes the counselor decides to make. It is more important that Rosie feels that she is making progress, than that the counselor believes this to be the case.
Termination and Follow-Up Treatment of children who have been sexually abused can take anywhere from several months, to several years, depending on certain factors. These include, the length of time the abuse…

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