Cool Hand Luke : The Act Of Conforming Outside Of Society Essay

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Cool Hand Luke: the act of conforming outside of society to create a persona of an outlaw. Starring academy award winning Paul Newman, Cool Hand Luke starts off by setting the tone for the entire movie. Luke Jackson, was arrested for destroying municipal property while under the influence of alcohol. This lead him to be sentenced two years in a road prison, in a chain gang. Many argue that his sentence was worse then his minor offence. Luke is a character you would describe as a non-conformist, anti-hero, who always preferred to be left alone and persistently resisted authority and regulations, you might even call him a rebellion. Luke is a man who refuses to conform to life in a rural prison, that being said, Luke quickly gains respect and becomes an idol at the camp for his resilience and the thrill of wanting to be his own boss. Continuously during Cool Hand Luke I found many social psychological themes such as non-conformity, conformity and obedience to authority. Luke and his fellow inmates go through every single one of these themes whether they like it or not. Though Luke has the persona of a non-conformist and a disobedient man, in the end he does not achieve his goal. In many ways he is still very much a conformist and obedient to authority.
Cool Hand Luke is a film centrally disobeying authority constantly. Luke makes an effort to run away from prison during the movie three separate times, constantly challenging the captain of the prison. After the first time he…

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