Essay on Consumer 's Relationship Between Mind And Body

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Consumers usually think in purchasing products only when they are needed. However, reality shows opposite theory: consumers buy most of the goods and services because they think they need them when they really do not. This process can be the effect of the use of adequate advertising to the appropriate audience involving a new landmark of marketing called neuromarketing which is in charge of developing potential thoughts and feelings in consumers. Thus, neuromarketing goals look for the best incentives to manipulate consumer’s purchasing power with the consumer’s relationship between mind and body, the power of emotions, and the psychology of colors.
The consumer’s relationship between mind and body has become an essential landmark in the neuromarketing studies. It explains two behaviors, discussed by Geoffrey Precourt (2015), a costumer could have in response of an advertising campaign. For instance, the reaction of a potential female consumer looks at the PINK webpage an advertising campaign, where women upload pictures of themselves wearing their favorite trend outfits from that brand. The effect of this kind of advertising could create in that female costumer something that Geoffrey Precourt (2015) calls “the consumer’s appetitive emotional system” where the consumer feels inspired and have delightful sensation leading her to the willingness of purchasing items from PINK’s brand. Also, there is the opposite effect denominated by Geoffrey Precourt (2015) as the…

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