Constructivist Teaching : A High School Classroom Debate Essay

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Constructivist Teaching in Action: A High School Classroom Debate Sarabinh Levy-Brightman teaches a lesson on Jeffersonian democracy. The students were assigned the task to debate about the topic showing their knowledge and understanding of the topic. The goal of the lesson was to see what the students have grasped and mastered about the lesson. The students were provided the question for the debate. They then had to huddle together to discuss the response for the debate. Student picked the main points and researched the topic. They had to think about the counter attacks from the other side and what their responses would be. The students’ engagement in the lesson really stood out to me. During this lesson, the teacher stood back and assessed the students understanding while they were debating. She put the students on a timer during their responses. She allowed the students to show what they knew but if there was any misconception about the information that was discussed she quickly stopped the debate and clarified the information. This process doesn’t just help the teacher to assess what the students know but it is a learning opportunity for the students as well. Correcting any misinformation will ensure that they are not retaining incorrect information or sharing it. The debate was a great activity for the students to actively show their understanding of the topic. I allowed the student to draw a connection to what they have learned and a change to get a deeper…

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