Constructive Teaching On Action : A High School Classroom Debate

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7. Constructive Teaching in Action: A High School Classroom Debate The teacher during this virtual classroom observation, Sarabinh Levy-Brightman, used two different learning strategies in her classroom. First, she used whole-class and small group discussions. To do this, she would provide the whole-class with a question and then she would allow time for students to work on this question in smaller groups. Provide both whole-class and small groups in the classroom provide their own benefits. For instance, whole-class discussions are beneficial when introducing a new topic, or in this case, a question, whereas small groups, even student-led which was the case in this video, are then a more effective way for learning to occur (“Whole-Class vs. Small-Group Instruction,” 2016). The second, and most dominate learning strategy that was used in this video was the use of debates. By using debates in a classroom, it provides an opportunity for students to fully engage in the topic matter. It also provides the benefits of using presentation and critical thinking skills, persuasion, public speaking, abstract thinking, research, and cooperation and teamwork (“Debates in the Classroom,” 2016). From this video, I would use both of these learning strategies in my own classroom. I feel that whole-class lessons are important, not only to use when introducing a new topic, but since using the RtI method has every student started out on this “base level”, most classroom…

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