Constitutional Rights Essay

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Assignment 3: Constitutional Rights
Due Week 7
Strayer University
With determination on how the First Amendment can be misunderstood, the case Korb v. Raytheon is being reviewed. In the case, a young man was in charge of a division. Mr. Korb was highly praised, and always stated to be the prominent source for the company. He went off to lunch as it had been a long day at a press conference, where he had to get a hold of the general population. Mr. Korb then proceeded to made comments that were of his personal views, which had gotten him in trouble with the company’s headquarters. Raytheon offered Korb to stay on the payroll, however, he was told to resign and relocate to another state where he can have a less
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Rule: the rule was in favor of Raytheon Corporation, the defendant. Because Korb overall was making a statement directing from the company, there was no law in place for going against a company for removing a worker for speaking out in emotion.

Challenges with Freedom of Speech We live in a society where information can be spread at a rapid rate. Social media outlets for example Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, which is a prominent resource for communication. The first amendment gives the right to allow citizens of the United States to speak freely, however, the most confusing is when someone steps out of character and proceeds to use offensive language.
Challenges with Freedom of Information
Freedom of Information is the right for “you to know.” Freedom of Information is keep together by the government and their organizations. They accommodate accurate information to release to the public and are able to provide service. Usually, there is a process that the public has to go through to obtain such obsolete information. Most known challenges is when the public are requesting information that has not been made official and that has been secret for a reason. We work in an era where there are a lot of homeland security policies and procedures are set in place and if you have constituent requesting information, which is not privy to the public, then the petition or request will be overlooked.

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