Confessions Of A Teaching Junkie Essay

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Confessions of a Teaching Junkie Throughout the decades of the thriving education profession, many misconceptions have arose; a misconception in simple terms identifies an incorrect statement given by anyone. A couple of these include “A teacher’s day ends at 3 p.m.” and “Teaching is easy, anyone can do it.” However, the main one that seems to be concerning is “Those who cannot do, teach.” Although society believes, “Those who cannot do, teach,” educators represent true individuals who create a positive educational climate for students to learn in; plan, prepare, and deliver instructional activities; and manage both a child’s behavior and grade performance within a class.
To start off, positivity is gradually weakening in today’s society; nevertheless, positivity remains still very much alive within the environments of educational school systems. Teachers tend to provide an encouraging atmosphere for each and every individual learner, especially Kindergarten through second grade. For example, Holly, a common Kindergartener from Mrs. Whisler’s class at Seymour Primary School, goes home every day grinning ear to ear because she enjoys her positive classroom atmosphere. In addition, Merriam-Webster describes positive as “thinking about the good qualities of someone or something; thinking that a good result will happen; hopeful or optimistic.” So after comprehending the true meaning of “positive” relating to positivity, a parent or guardian should indeed realize that his or…

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