Concussion : Not Just A Will Smith Movie, But A Serious Problem

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Concussion: Not Just a Will Smith Movie, But a Serious Problem. Sports are competitive physical activities by participants to entertain both participants and spectators across the world. While some sports are safe and contact-less, most sports require physical contacts between two teams even to a point where contact became a social norm to be accepted as sports. Spectators regard physical contacts in sports as entertainment, but there are many dangerous injuries as an effect such as concussion. Concussion, which is an injury to the brain or spinal cord from a blow, exits commonly between sports players from contacts. A concussion is not only just a head injury, but also a critical cause of multiple mental issues. While scientists and doctors conclude the great chance of a concussion among sports players and the aftermath of concussion such as Parkinson’s disease, many sports organizations such as NFL attempt to conceal the truth about concussions in the name of greed while players are left to suffer from the injury.
While the word concussion still is in a research and lacks a perfect definition, many doctors and researchers found many types of research and data related to concussion and its aftermath. Many researchers and doctors including, Kevin M. Guskiewicz and Michael McCrea conducted a study on NCAA college football players in concussion study. The goal of the study was to measure the time of concussion and recovery. Researchers gathered information from 25 US colleges…

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