Essay on Concept of the Self in the Social World

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Concept of the self in the social world





Concept of the self is a system of the individual representations about himself; realized part of the personality; the image of the self. (Sedikides, 2007) The formation of the self is influenced by a range of factors, which are the self-concept, self-esteem, social self and self-knowledge. In particular, the body, abilities, social relations and many other personal manifestations can be the subject of self-perception and self-esteem of the individual. Based on the self-concept, the individual builds interaction with others and with himself. Therefore, the formation of an adequate self-concept, and self-awareness as a whole, is an important
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Self-respect is respect (or disrespect) of the person to himself, based on objective merits and achievements of the person, or, on the contrary, due to the fault or error. Self-esteem is a model of father, demanding love in relation to the self. (Shavelson, 1982) There is no reliable data, which connect the self-esteem and lifetime achievement. Many researchers believe that the self-esteem helps to better learning or to succeed at goal, that the self-esteem and self-respect are the armor that can protect children from school failure (or hobbies and drug offenses) and persons of ripe years from alcoholism, for example. However, other researchers do not rule out that the situation is diametrically opposite, for example, they believe that academic success leads to high self-esteem, and poor training lowers self-esteem. Often children compensate the lack of self-respect and self-esteem by striving for good grades, but this does not imply that all the high achiever have internal problems. Self-respect is not given to man by birth and is not directly related to results of operations. (Shavelson, 1982) Most often a feeling of self-worth is absorbed by copying samples; comes as a result of conscious or unconscious suggestions by others or as a result of training (education) by parents, who teach the child to appropriate behavior. As for me, for example, good

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