Computer Control Numeric Department ( Cnc ) Essay

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required areas. The Computer Control Numeric department (CNC) had an ergonomic issue of employees constantly bending over and placing parts into the cart which was a safety issue. After the assessment of the area, the team came up with the idea of placing an air controlled lift jack underneath the cart which will raise the cart to a safe and comfortable level for the employee to perform their job without bending over. This implementation was successful by reducing the number from 30 points to below 10 points which is green on the safety scale.
Kanban System
In the Surface Processing department, Racor implemented heavily on the Kanban system to improve service and work flow by reducing waste and improving on customer satisfaction by reducing lead time. The Kanban system is used to create a smooth work flow, reduce the batch sizes, and minimize the Work-In-Process (WIP). Racor uses Kanban to signal the system of production flow without the involvement of scheduling department. Based on customer demand, there is a number of Kanban cards for each part number, that has its description and quantity. As the shift starts on this department, the operator checks the Kanban board to determine which parts needs to be processed and he also checks the trigger points for the rest of the other Kanban. He then picks ups the card that needs to be processed/ painted and replenished the supermarket racks. The red coded expedite Kanban card has higher priority over regular Kanban cards. The…

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