Comparing The Sonnets ' God 's Grandeur ' And ' Sonnet On The Christian Massacre

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The similarities and differences in the sonnets ‘God’s Grandeur.’ and ‘Sonnet on the Christian Massacre in Bulgaria.’

In the sonnet ‘Massacre of the Christians in Bulgaria’ the author questions the existence of God in contrast lies the sonnet ‘God 's Grandeur’ which glorifies and praises the existence of God. Both sonnets have interesting similarities and a distinct difference when it comes to God. There are two key similarities that are shared between the two sonnets; the first revolves around the motif of God 's limitless power in both sonnets. The second commonality they share is an underlying faith in something larger; almighty God. The sonnets main difference lies in the question do we deserve to be saved by God. The question outlines a key difference in the stances the authors take in their respective sonnets. In ‘God’s Grandeur’ the author 's is in ‘awe and amazement’ of God 's presence in the world and universe and disappointment towards mankind’s greedy and industrial nature. The author 's use of imagery and clever poetic techniques gets across that we do not deserve the glory and privilege of God. In stark contrast lies the sonnet on the Christian massacre in Bulgaria which through imagery and juxtaposition paints an image of a God who seems to be ignoring the prayers of his seemingly deserving children who are being massacred, it seems as though the author wants to illustrate an image of people that are deserving of God’s salvation but their prayers are falling…

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