Comparing The Mediterranean Style Full Of Beautiful Pastas And Rich

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When you grow up in a household with two chefs, both well versed in the Mediterranean style-full of beautiful pastas and rich, decadent sauces- you expect for both parents to do an equal amount of cooking; to share the burden of feeding two growing girls only a year apart. Maybe they could work the kitchen together; a well-oiled team, or perhaps they could switch off nights preparing meals; at least that is what would make the most sense. So how was is that my mother each night, walking in the door, tiredness hanging over her like a cloud ended up at that stove mixing and chopping away as my father lounged on the couch perusing the news channels? Because in Italy there is a very specific hierarchy when it comes to home life. The woman is to look after the household, while the man is out supporting it; he is the backbone while she is everything that brings the house to life. That is how he was raised and that is what he expected of his wife; but somewhere along the way those expectations got twisted up and my mother is now the one sitting upon both tasks. Growing up in South Dakota she was no stranger to labor in a household where everyone took part in the upkeep of the home and everyone was expected to pull their own weight, but now she has been shouldered with so much it is a wonder she has not snapped. And so as he spent his days sitting at home writing away at a book that has still yet to be published, my mother was on her feet for 9 hours and then came home only to…

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