Common Sense Vs. The Declaration Of Independence Essay

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Common Sense v. The Declaration of Independence

Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine were both highly honored because they jumpstarted the Revolution. Although these two men had very different lives, they both had one goal in common, which was to help America break our ties with Britain. These two men were both highly skilled writers, and wrote two of the piece which are still thought to be the most impactful documents that shaped the United States of America. Paine published Common Sense in 1776, and Jefferson helped write the Declaration of Independence which was also published and released to the public in 1776.
Thomas pain was born into a poor family in in England in 1737 (Klemetti). Growing up poor, he had little access to education, but was able to teach himself how to read and write. and abandoned his pursuit for education at age 13. Jefferson, on the other hand was born into one of the most elite families in Virginia. (Editors). These two men grew up in very different households.
Pain worked long, hard jobs just to barely get by. Jefferson inherited much of his wealth from his parents. It seems as though Jefferson would have an advantage, growing up poor and all, to make an impact on the people of his America. However, it is quite evident that Paine has the advantage here. Since Pain was born outside of the colonies, he fought for his rights to get better pay for tax officers like himself. Also growing up in Great Britain, he had a heightened awareness to the…

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