Common Sense By Thomas Paine Essays

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Common Sense Essay
The document Common Sense was written to motivate the people who lived in the thirteen colonies to wage war against the British colonizers so that they can finally have their freedom. This document provided details regarding the benefits of and the necessity for freedom which are easy to understand. Common Sense helped to explain the reason why independence from Great Britain had to be sought at a period when the issue of whether to aim for freedom or not was the main dilemma. The first part of Common Sense helped explain why it is important for the people of the thirteen colonies to seek freedom. Thomas Paine started this part by differentiating society and the government, emphasizing that the connection between the two is always in a situation where there is freedom involved (Paine 5). He discussed the situation where some people who live in the absence of a government are disorganized, and that people are naturally more comfortable to live with one another instead of living independently. It is natural for the people to come together and form a society, but as the society keeps on getting bigger, there are more and more issues that emerge so it is necessary for the people to create laws to address these issues. Eventually, a government becomes important to implement the laws that were made. As the number of people in the society get bigger, it is impossible for them to all reside in single area to create the laws so this is where elections become…

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