Common Sense, By Thomas Paine Essay

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In a time of confusion for many of the people of the thirteen colonies, Thomas Paine argues in his pamphlet, Common Sense, that all English colonists should support the cause of a free America. At the time of Common Sense’s publication, the Revolutionary War had already begun, as the battles at Lexington and Concord had occurred almost nine months before Colonists at this time were still split on the issue of choosing independence or choosing to remain loyal to England. Common Sense is widely known as one of the largest factors that helped convince the average colonist to join the revolutionary cause. In Common Sense, Paine discusses the Corruption of the English monarchy, how independence can benefit the people of the colonies and of the world, and how that independence could actually be won.To completely understand how this 48 page pamphlet was able to convince common colonists to support freedom , it is necessary to examine the contents and the author. First, to understand the persuasive power of Common Sense, one must make note of the history of the author and his background. At the time of publication (January 10, 1776), Paine had lived in the colonies for only a year and a half. Paine had lived in England for the vast majority of his life, and only came to America in 1774. Reading his arguments for independence give an insight into how strongly he felt the injustices were at the time, such as the unfair taxation, and the quartering of British regulars, despite him…

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