Cocoa Flavanols And Their Effect On The Body And Mind Essay

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Cocoa Flavanols
Recently, studies have been conducted regarding cocoa flavanols and their effect on the body and mind. One common misconception that people have is that these valuable items can be gained simply from consuming dark chocolate. Sadly, this is not true and while dark chocolate can taste fantastic, it is actually cocoa flavanols that are good for you and they are not found at the level needed in dark chocolate in order for them to be beneficial.
What are Cocoa Flavanols?
Currently, there is a strong case being made by scientists and nutritionists everywhere encouraging us all to eat more fruits and vegetables. The reason for this increased encouragement? It is believed that many of the elements that help to keep plants healthy can also keep humans healthy as well.
Flavanols are naturally occurring and can be found in a number of items like cherries, teas, chocolate, apples and grapes. However, cocoa flavanols are unique and the exact combinations of nutrients that are found in these types are not found anywhere else in nature.
These items were discovered long ago and have been enjoyed since the beginning. They originally were placed into drinks and were believed to contain some amazing powers to restore the body. Because of this, they gained quite a reputation as being the food of the gods and can be dated all the way back to the Aztec way of life.
What can they do?
One of the most important parts of remaining health is taking care of your circulatory system.…

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