Class Sizes Should Be Reduced For A Better Education System Essay

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This example argues that class sizes should be reduced for a better education system because of academic performance with and without it.
Reducing class size positively impacts the students involvement through deeper relationships, comfort, efficiency and academic performance. These effects all work together to create a good environment for students to thrive in. Although some states have started on this journey it should become federal law.
One reason classes should be reduces is the impact class size has on academic performance.
Academic performance
Public Policy Institute of California, Relationships Between Class Size Reduction, New Teacher and Student Achievement, June 2002 Issue #60, p. 1-2
Class size directly relates to academic performance of students. The smaller the class size, to an extent, the better test scores or skills learned. In a study done by the Public Policy Institute of California, reducing class sizes by ten students positively impacts test scores, especially for low-income children. The academic side of things today have such an impact on students ' futures. With colleges and trade schools, they focus on test scores for acceptance. The extreme pressures of grades and standardized tests could be cushioned with a change to smaller class sizes for more understanding of subjects. This goes for kindergarten through 12th grade. The more productive classes can be, the better.
If all we have to do is reduce the amount of students in a class, for…

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