Christians And Muslims Believe That God Created Everything Essay

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The Big Bang

Christians and Muslims believe that God created the earth in 7 days. The 2nd school of thought in Buddhism states “there is a God that created everything”. Then there are Buddhist who believe that the world has always been here and the idea that things must have a beginning originates from ones imagination. What if The Big Bang was God’s way of creating the universe? “The Big Bang theory is an explosion of all space that took place roughly 13.7 Billion years ago and that marks the beginning of the universe.” Universe tenth edition. Roger A. Freedman, Robert M. Geller, and William J. Kaufmann III. Scientist believe that it was nothing that came from nothing, but they’re still on the search for what is beyond nothing during the creation of the universe. Through research, I have come upon an interesting article from EBSCO host search “What came before the big bang? And other questions physics can 't answer... yet” It described how nothing can come from nothing. When people ask the famous question how can nothing come from nothing? Scientist replied “It depends what you mean by nothing. Ask a physicist about a vacuum, the very definition of nothingness for most of us, and they will tell you it is pulsing with activity. According to quantum theory, in a vacuum wave-like fields are constantly fluctuating, producing particles and their antimatter equivalents that fizzle in and out of existence. So even in the depths of interstellar space, there is plenty going on…

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