Christianity 's Influence On The United States Of America Essay

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Christianity’s Influence on the United States of America. “National allegiances were determined by the faith of the monarch, and nations might move from on church to the other as a result of dynastic change of conquest.” (Marsden, 99) Before the United States was recognized as a country, the land attracted Europeans. These Europeans arrived in the new world to seek religious freedom away from their perspective countries. Many of these Europeans were Christians, but of different branches of the religion with similar ideals. American was founded on Christianity due in part to the time period where many Christians arrived in what today is the United States. During the 1600s, Christians arrived in the new world and no other religions at the time arrived to establish themselves such as the Christians did. Indians religious traditions were looked over, and the history of the continental congress tie into why America was founded on Christianity.
Christianity contained different branches such as the Catholics, Puritans, Quakers, Protestants and Methodists. The new world was looked upon as a place to practice and spread religion without their countries controlling their religious beliefs. Christianity established the United States because they arrived in the new world to seek religious freedom. Christianity was the only religion that arrived in the new world. No other religions arrived in masses compared to Christianity. The first generation of families were very religious. The…

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