Essay on Choosing Right Or Right?

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Choosing Right or Right
In Rebecca Dennett’s situation, knowing that the branch will be closing and that she, as the bank manager, can’t tell her employees is a difficult one. She cannot tell anyone because the higher-ups haven’t filed some important regulatory paperwork. She is approached by an employee who needs assurances that her financial future with the company is secure. She was asked if the rumours were true that the branch would be closing soon. This situation is an ethical dilemma and it involves a right-versus-right problem that most managers will face at some point in their career. This professional responsibility can collide with the managers personal values and will be a defining moment for the manager. Fulfilling her promise not to say a word and being true to her co-worker has placed her in a difficult position.
If I were in Rebecca Dennett’s position I would say that I had heard the rumours as well but that I “couldn’t” provide any more information than that. When asked if the co-worker should cut back on Christmas gifts I would probably say that in these economic times it might be prudent to be cautious. I would sympathise without either confirming or denying the rumour. By acknowledging the co-workers fears and suggesting a cautious approach to spending Rebecca would be keeping her superiors confidentiality request as well as letting the co-worker know that there may be reason to be worried without confirming anything, this could be considered straddling…

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