Chisholm Dental : A Community Service Essay

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About five miles from my hometown there lies a small town called Chisholm. This city has no hospital and only one clinic. Within city limits, there lies a small school, an old grocery store and one dental office, Chisholm Dental. Run down buildings and “Out of Business” signs hang heavy on the street corners, which may explain why the average household income in Chisholm is less than 30,000. Poverty can be seen both on the front porches and the back alleys of this city. When given the instructions to volunteer for a community, I thought of no better place than Chisholm, Minnesota. As I scrolled through the small list of healthcare facilities in this town, I found an event that peaked my interest. To my delight I came to find that Chisholm Dental was hosting a community service on March 21st.
The goal of this day was to help the townspeople who had inadequate insurance, acquire the dental cares that they needed. Many members of the community simply could not afford even the smallest fees that came with a regular dental checkup. When I called to confirm my volunteer status, the receptionist couldn’t have been more delighted. She explained to me that this free oral care would come at a heavy cost for Chisholm Dental, but after having good business in the previous year they were more than happy to give back to the town. I was also informed that my duties for the upcoming day would consist of cleaning rooms, sanitizing dental tools and directing the customers. These…

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