Children Are Shaped By Their Experiences, Beliefs And Values Essay

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Children are shaped by their experiences, beliefs and values. A variety of contextual factors throughout their lives define these individual differences that students bring to school. To value diversity, differences need to be recognised, embraced, learnt from and then used when teaching the Australian Curriculum. It is difficult to truly comprehend what these students think, feel and understand, however it is important to learn about them to locate their strengths in order to develop their areas of weakness in order to provide them with the same learning opportunities as every other child. Students and educators should value the diversity they find themselves amongst as this can enrich their own learning experiences. Educators need to be attentive to the diversity of their students, whether it comes in the form of poverty, linguistic or religious differences in order to maintain equity and improve educational outcomes through personalised learning.
Equity para:
For each child entering our education system, equity is paramount to ensure all students have the same opportunities to succeed. The twenty-first century class room incorporates a wide range of diversity and difference, including various cultures, languages and students who require a nonconventional approach to their learning (Ainscow, 1998; Brady & Kennedy, 2010). The Australian Curriculum (2014) recognises diversity and proposes to promote equity through understanding that each student is unique with different…

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