Childhood Obesity Prevalence Of Usa And Eight Low- Income Essay

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According to the statistic called "Chart: How Childhood Obesity Has Swept the World in Less than a Generation” done by the World Obesity Federation, it shows the childhood obesity prevalence of USA and eight low- income or middle-income countries. All of these countries had significant increased in their childhood obesity rate. Between 1987 and 2005, both Saudi Arabia and South Africa had a dramatic raised in their childhood obesity rate, that was a jump from 5% of the children to 25%. Furthermore, even Asia region, which are China and Hong Kong, had an increasing trend. Between 1994 to 2012, the rate had increased from 5% to 14% for China and 10% to 16% for Hong Kong (Ferdman).
From my personal experience, I can certainly claim that Asian countries also have the same health problem about childhood obesity. When I was in Macau, China, I found that there were more overweight children compare to the time when I was a child. Since people are wealthier and there are more food choices, especially snacks. Children’s eating habit is getting worse than the past. When I was in Elementary school, I barely ate junk food and my parent never bought junk food because they are harmful to our body. However, junk food is nearly everywhere now; vending machines are everywhere. In order to keep ourselves and children healthy, we need to know how to “protect” ourselves. Beside these factors that cause childhood obesity, parenting is a key factor associate with childhood obesity. As reported…

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