Child Development Laboratory School At Richard J. Daley College

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The name of the program is: Child Development Laboratory School at Richard J. Daley College it is located on 7500 S. Pulaski Dr. in Chicago, Ill. The director’s name is: Erin Cloy. Their philosophy is to let children experience though hands-on, individual instruction for every child in the classroom, and the importance of involve parents, family and community in classroom activities. Their sponsorship is the Head Start program. The range of children’s age is 3 to 5. Tuition is based on family income. If you qualify, there is financial aid based on income. Weekly fees start from $189 to $254 per week and semester program from $97 to $135 per week. Additional children is 10% of the rate for the first child. Their child ratios is 10 children per teacher.

The classroom is set up in different areas/centers for children with the ages of 3 to 5 years old. Each area is labelled in English and Spanish. By the entrance, they have a chart with the children’s name. They have a daily schedule and a chores chart with the children’s name by the block area. Shelves are used to separate each area. Some areas have more space than others. The shelves and containers are labelled (English and Spanish). The learning centers are designed in order to be practical and attractive learning environment for children. The furniture, sink and toilets are adequate for the children’s age (3 to 5 years old).

The classroom has different learning centers and areas. For example, they have literacy,…

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