Charles Dickens ' Great Expectations Essay

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While reading a fictional book unless the character is specifically stated to already have one, readers don’t consider the characters to of these books to have a mental disorder, or that the author that wrote the book could have one either. Some authors, such as Charles Dickens, were around in a time that they didn’t have the capability of diagnosing mental disorders. What about the characters in these authors stories? Readers don’t think anything can be wrong with them, but what if the characters were real life people? Pip Pirrip; a fictional character in Charles Dickens, Great Expectations. Facing hard times growing up in the marshes of Kent in the mid 1800’s, all Pip wants is to be a gentlemen with good fortunes. Trying to keep it a secret that he aided two escaped convicts while also visiting Mrs. Havisham in hopes to gain some of her wealth and get in with her adopted daughter, Estella, becomes hard with suspicious activity in his town and someone anonymously granting him money to move to London and and become a gentlemen. He finds he has too great of expectations for his goals to be attainable and through these struggles readers see Pip showing symptoms of social anxiety and narcissistic personality disorder and the creator of this character to have severe depression.

Pip is awkward and tends to coward in common situations. He didn’t really have many friends in the early years of his childhood and the only adult he was comfortable with was Joe. Social phobia can…

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