Essay on Character Comparison of the Breakfast Club

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In all of our lives there are goals we have, values we possess, and strengths and weaknesses that make us who we are. All of us, no matter if we are a jock, or a brain, someone who succeeds in education, or someone who wants so badly to get out, face barriers in our lives. Some of us come from broken families, some us of come from abusive situations, but all of us have a unique and individual story. At the heart of this story are the struggles we have experienced, the people we have associated ourselves with, and the lessons we have learnt along the way. Such can be said about my own life, and the lives of the characters from the Breakfast Club. The characters from the Breakfast Club that I feel most represent me are: Claire Standish (The …show more content…
For twelve years, I went through having a broken family, when I was four, my mother and father separated. I remember sitting by the window every Friday night, for hours on end, waiting for my father to come visit me, and him never showing up.

Brian Johnson is teenager, whose primary goal in life is to excel in education. Although he seems very composed, Brian lacks “inner self,” when he experiences a setback such as Shop, he views it as failure. He is someone who is very grade driven, and in turn cherishes the educational opportunities that come his way. Like Claire, Brian suffers a complete lack of self – confidence towards himself and an inability to have faith in himself. Although his home life is good, Brian’s parent(s) seem to put an insurmountable amount of pressure on him about his grades. I view myself as well as being like Brian, although excelling in education is not my primary goal, I am “mark driven.” I often view success as how well I have done, and not how happy I am. Like Brian, and Claire, I do most of the time suffer from my, self – confidence. Although I do have a challenging home life at times, my parents do not put pressure on me to achieve good grades, but to have the success they know I deserve.

The person I view myself as being least like is John Bender. John Bender is a confused, neglected teenager, who beneath all the bravado is actually a good person. He seems to seek in his own way the trust and friendship of others around him, and

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