Can Anything Be Art? Essay

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Can anything be art? Or is there a richer set of criteria for what art can and must be?
I do not believe that anything can be art and that there is a richer set of criteria for what art must be. I will justify this view within my essay. I will put forth the criteria for what I believe what can be considered art and why I think that. Some of these thoughts have been influenced by what I have read in the The Role of Theory in Aesthetics and, ‘What is Art? An Institutional Analysis aswell as other articles and readings.
In order for one to answer the question I must define what I believe to be art. Art is something that has value to it; it expresses an aspect or various aspects of normalities within a society, or is so polarising that it has a completely opposite outlook on how social norms are perceived. I also believe that it is essential for art to be something that generates some type of emotion and to have some type of value on it. I realise that my definition of art doesn’t define what art is but instead what I believe the criteria for art to be. I do not believe one can give a precise definition of what art is because art is within many different things and is not just one thing. My definition of art incorporates different perspectives that have been influenced by the role of theory in aesthetics. From these definitions I will elaborate further on what it is that I mean in order to prevent any ambiguousy. The value that I am referring to would be an emotional connection…

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