Bullying, The Bullied And The Bystander Essay

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This article “The Bully, The Bullied and the Bystander” covers the different aspects of bullying. The article covers things such as; the signs of bullying, types of bullying and types of bullies, characteristics of a bully and of someone who is being bullied as well as what do if you are a bystander. It also gives an anti-bulling pledge that the students can sign to help prevent bullying. Bullying is such a big deal in schools and it effects so many people. I really appreciated the fact that it gave a glimpse in to all aspects of the problem.
This Article is based off of the works of Barbara Coloroso. She wrote the book “The Bully, The Bullied, And the Bystander” which according to several different websites and YouTube reviews is an amazing book that talks about all the aspects of bullying. The article starts out with a few facts about bullying. I found it really interesting to read about how easily we over look bullying in schools. The article defines bullying as a “conscious, willful and deliberate activity intended to harm, induce fear through the threat of further aggression and create terror.” (Coloroso) The four markers of bullying are 1. Imbalance of power, 2. Intent to harm, 3. Threat of further aggression and 4. Terror. Shortly after this list it states that bullying is not about anger. That it is all about contempt, bullies put people down so they can bring themselves up.
This is where they break down bullying and address the factors. There are four types of…

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