Building A Safer Health System Essay

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In the attempt to call the attention to the importance of improving the quality and health care outcomes, in 1999 the Institute of Medicine had submitted a report called To Err Is Human: Building a Safer Health System. Although more than ten years ago, this report stressed the need of a redesign in the process of the patient’s care, little progress in the improvement of quality and safety has been achieved (Clark, 2013). Even though there were some important initiatives in the implementation of quality and safety after the report, only in 2013 The Joint Commission made a significant contribution in order to accelerate the process and enforced quality and safety through standards such as National Patient Safety Goals and Core Measures of nursing competency.
Under these circumstances, the unsuccessful attempts toward Quality Improvement within the healthcare setting, forced the healthcare system to take a different route and turn back to roots of nursing education. At this juncture, effective education was considered a crucial tool to achieve and to ensure constant progress in the Quality Improvement process; under the acknowledgment that education is accountable for the formation and improvement in physical, moral, and intellectual capacity, promoting achievement of quality and preparation for overall competitiveness within the health system. In 2005, this new perspective made a group of nurses reacted in response to the Institute of Medicine’s report creating the Quality…

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