Breast Cancer And Its Effects Essay

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Breast Cancer
It was not that long ago that the author this paper did not understand the entirety of what it meant when someone was told they had breast cancer. Although she had a basic understanding of the horrific consequences, she did not understand how complex and elusive cancer could be. She did not understand the difference between staging and grading tumors, nor the different tumor markers and what they meant. She knew chemotherapy and radiation were treatments, but knew very little about the different regimes. She was aware of some of the side effects of the disease as well as the treatments, but only on a superficial level. She knew that being dealt the cancer card was emotionally taxing, but could not appreciate the depth of despair. Had someone asked her about lessening the physical and psychological effects, she would have had textbook answers, but would not have appreciated the need. However, one phone call changed all that and an educational excursion unleashed itself. This paper will discuss breast cancer, from pre-diagnosis to post diagnosis, and the corresponding approach to care.
An experience with breast cancer does not start the day of diagnosis. In fact, long before the diagnosis there are changes on a microscopic level that are setting the stage for one’s journey. Studies of synthetic estrogen diethylstilbestrol (DES) and endocrine disrupting chemicals such as bisphenol-A (BPA), suggest that exposure to these substances in utero…

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