Breaking The Maya Code By Michael D. Coe Essay

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“Breaking the Maya Code” by Michael D. Coe

1). What is the author’s overall objective in the book? Michael D. Coe shows how the re-creation of a society can occur by deciphering its language and graphics, and how that society, though feared lost for thousands of years, can now be revealed to the rest of the world. Most scholars believed that the language, hieroglyphics, a script that was painted on various monuments and written in bark-books and on sarcophagi, was too complicated to understand. Coe reveals, through a painstaking account of each of the archaeologists who attempted it, how the code was broken over time. The author also shows the incredible history of the Mayans, from their beginnings, when they were concerned mostly with astronomy and astrology, interpreting the mysteries of the Heavens, and were a peaceful people, to the end of that civilization, when it was torn apart by conflicts between various city-states. He showed how one Russian Yrui Knorosov, became totally devoted to cracking the code, and, working on his own behind the Iron Curtain, began the real work of accomplishing that. Since Knorosov’s ideas ran counter to the accepted interpretation of Mayan code up to that time, by the scholar Eric Thompson, he called Knorosov a fraud. Yet other people showed up, mainly two women, Marla G. Robinson and Linda Schelee, who worked together studying the ancient city of Polanke to further crack the code. Michael Coe attained the objective in…

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