Black Boy : The Social Construct Of The African American Male

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Black Boy: The Social Construct of the African American Male The book black boy was based on the life of Richard Wright the author of the book. He portrays many of the obstacles that he had to face to grow into the author he became. Growing up he had face many hardships stemming from hunger, religion, family, and his ambitions as a black boy. Throughout the book we watch Wrights transformation from a boy to a man .It can be argued that there is an inner story telling about Richard Wright’s early life, and an outer story telling about the racial barriers that wasn’t specific to Wright, but was common throughout the African American communities, and specifically African American males. “… as soon as we notice blindness and sight as thematic components of a work, more and more related images and phrases emerge in the text.”(Foster 283) Blindness was a reoccurring theme in the book “Black Boy” We first see blindness when we read about Wrights childhood. As a kid Wright didn’t understand the color difference in society. He was oblivious to the fact that black and white weren’t only a color, but also a social status as well. In the book Wright says “I had begun to notice that my mother became irritated when I questioned her about whites and blacks, and I could not quite understand it.” (Wright 121). Wright was childish in nature, and as a child you’re not worried about politics and social class, you’re worried about having fun and hanging with your friends, just as Wright was in…

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