Bilingual Education Should Not Be Expanded Essay

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Bilingual education is a topic that many individuals discuss either good or bad. Many individuals believe bilingual education should not be expanded because by allowing to pass the program, it would create a slow learning environment for the students. Students who are attending a bilingual education class may not experience the type of learning needed to perform in college in the future. A disadvantage of bilingual education is that it will not give the students an opportunity to learn the English language, so by reading textbooks the students will still find it hard to learn the English language. These skills are extremely important to succeed in this country. In fact, it is important to know the language of the country you are living in regardless of what part of the world you are in. Others believe the program itself would be costly, books that have foreign language can cost more money for an average student to afford, and by doing so it will stress out the student by having not enough money and not being able to purchase the book for their class. Being bilingual has many advantages and that’s where conservatives aren’t opening their eyes to see it, bilingual in today’s economy is the golden ticket to become successful. Companies around the world, if they become bilingual they will expand internationally and by being able to communicate in another language it will help the user have advantages in the workplace. “Research from Rosetta stone found that people who speak…

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