Essay about Auditor Independence And Audit Quality

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Professional scepticism is an attitude or mindset that is used by auditors when conducting an audit. It is used in order to help the auditor assume a position that is objective and unbiased throughout the audit. It is viewed by many within the auditing profession as an essential quality that the auditor must possess when conducting audit and can be a major factor in audit quality. But it is not the only factor when it comes to obtaining high audit quality, with audit quality itself be hard to define.

Despite several researches over years, there is no exact definition of audit quality or the way to measure it. However, according to Tepalagul & Lin (2015), the audit quality can be understood as auditor independence and auditor capabilities. Auditor independence can be defined as the ability to keep an audit’s professional integrity not to be compromised, or in other words, to endure pressure from management when auditing. The independence in auditing is greatly important because it helps auditors adding credibility to financial reports or other subject matter (Gay & Simnett 2015). Understanding the difference between two different types of auditor independence, Independence of Mind and Independence of Appearance, are also necessary in auditing. According to Gay & Simnett (2015, p. 108), Independence of Mind can be described as the state of mind, which provides an opinion without any affection from professional judgment. It is contributed mainly by three factors: integrity,…

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