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Written Assignment 1: Ethical Behavior
1. Explain why the public expects all professionals to act ethically.
The reason the public expects all professionals to act ethically is because they, the professionals, are able to carry out their duties because of public confidence. Public confidence is the trust the general public has in a person, group or profession. This public confidence is what adds value to the work the professional does. If the professional acts unethically, the professional has misused the confidence the public has given them and devalued the work they, the professional, has done.

2. Explain what is meant by independence in mind and independence in appearance.

Independence of mind is the auditor’s state of mind
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These paragraphs help CPAs understand how to broaden public confidence in the profession while following this section of the code. The 4 paragraphs are:

1. Integrity is an element of character fundamental to professional recognition. It is the quality from which the public trust derives and the benchmark against which a member must ultimately test all decisions. 2. Integrity requires a member to be, among other things, honest and candid within the constraints of client confidentiality. Service and the public trust should not be subordinated to personal gain an advantage. Integrity can accommodate the inadvertent error and the honest difference of opinion; it cannot accommodate deceit or subordination of principle. 3. Integrity is measured in terms of what is right and just. In the absence of specific rules, standards, or guidance, or in the face of conflicting opinions, a member should test decisions and deeds by asking: "Am I doing what a person of integrity would do? Have I retained my integrity?" Integrity requires a member to observe both the form and the spirit of technical and ethical standards; circumvention of those standards constitutes subordination of judgment. 4. Integrity also requires a member to observe the principles of objectivity and independence and of due care.

The AICPA Code of Professional

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