Arthur Miller 's Death Of A Salesman Essay

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Continually literature and society combine to make a statement about events transpired in the news. Authors such as Arthur Miller of Death of a Salesman and August Wilson of Fences use platforms such as plays to display a lack of reality and common sense present in their days. Both plays above inconspicuously use the Maxson brothers in Fences and the Loman brothers in Death of a Salesman to convey a truth in the underlying of society. With the brothers both authors elaborate on each brother in one way or more disobeying a father’s desired occupation, favoritism, and repeating their history.

Undoubtedly Fences and Death of a Salesman showcase a recurring pattern of habits among fathers and sons. Willy, the protagonist of Arthur Miller’s play, believes the career of a salesman is the most superior, yet his success in his field does not correlate to the amount of hours he puts in. He proudly proclaims his success while claiming his lack of ability to sell to clients is due to his appearance. Willy’s youngest son, Happy, pursues a career in sales to be like his father, much to his father’s dismay. Despite Willy’s efforts to make both sons rise to the occasion of best salesman, both are not successful. Happy spirals downward into a path much like Willy with hope of success but a reality of future failure. In the final scene of Miller’s play known as the requiem, Happy makes a vow on his father’s grave, “It’s the only dream you can have-- to come out number-one man. He fought it…

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