Animal Farm By George Orwell Essay

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The famous Animal Farm by George Orwell wasn’t always seen as a great political satire, it was in fact mistaken as a children’s book. Orwell wrote the book as an allegorical fable, he wrote Animal Farm this way to communicate meanings to audiences in different social contexts, some in which Orwell intended. George Orwell used Animal Farm to criticize the communist betrayal of the ideals the Soviet Union was based on. Orwell used events and characters to symbolize the different people and events that led up to the Russian revolution. The major themes of animal farm are power corrupts, revolutions tend to come full circle and devour their peoples, and even good, decent people are vulnerable to power hunger and leadership. These themes are carried out through the use of personification, the symbolic associations of historical personages with the characters, and more. Each character and event in Animal Farm represent historical figures from the Russian Revolution. Farmer Jones is a cruel and drunken owner of a farm called Manor Farm and treats his animal badly. The farm workers and animals do not control the farm’s operation. The farmer, Mr. Jones, doesn’t do any of the hard labor, but does the intellectual work. Jones is the embodiment of the tyranny against which the animal’s rebel, making this character represents tsar of Russia. Tsar and Jones shared similar leader characteristics such as starving and neglect their people, food shortage, and was rebelling against. The…

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