Animal Experimentation Is Morally Right Essay

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The controversy on whether animal experimentation is morally right has grown greatly since the 1980’s. For cosmetic and scientific purposes, animals have been used as variables to hypothesize how a certain product or drug would react on or in a human’s body. Cosmetically, animals are bred and used to test skin and eyewear products. Scientifically, animals are used to understand medical drugs, diseases or viruses. While this may seem productive, animal experimentation is flawed and unnecessary. Animal testing cosmetology industry morally and logically deny several aspects. Many makeup industries like Cover Girl, Maybelline, and Almay wastefully use disadvantaged animals to conduct liability for their products. Not only do the majority of makeup brands that are not cruelty free use animals, but they also use animals that don’t portray human anatomy efficiently enough to use in research. Thus, making the death of certain animals essentially worthless. Also, the benefit of using all natural makeup, that is cruelty free, are healthier in comparison to chemically based products. Scientifically, the use of animal experimentation isn’t shown as resourceful nor productive. Many animals used in scientific data gathering has too many variables that can throw off data as a whole. There are several alternatives that would enable researchers to get more accurate data whilst making the harm of animals in the process nonexistent. Experimenting on animals has shown value to me by…

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