Analysis Of The Story ' Customs Of The Country ' Essay

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The story “Customs of the Country” is told in first person point of view. The woman that is narrating the short story cause the reason why she lost her son. The places she is living in is not the best place for a child. In the story she states, “The buildings looked something like a motel, a little raw still, though they weren’t knew. There was fresh paint on the walls and the trim in the kitchen and bathroom was in fair shape. She is trying to make the place she is better for her child and try to fix herself as well. In the end she still not yet ready to have custody of her son yet. The story would had been more effective is the story was told from other characters point of view and not just the woman that is narrating the story.
The point of view of the story places an impotent part to the story. Nobody else knows more about how her and her son’s life was before her son was taken away. That is important to know to see how she got into the situation where she throw her son across the kitchen. That cause her son to break his leg. She had to take him to the hospital.
The story would be very different if this story was told in another person point of view. Every person experience situation different and have different opinions on the situation. If the story was told from the narrator’s son’s point of view the story would be very different. The narrator always wonder what all her son remembers about when he was living with her when he was younger. In the son’s point of…

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