Essay on Analysis Of The Poem ' For The Caged Bird Sings Of Freedom '

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“For the caged bird sings of freedom” is one of the dynamic lines of Maya Angelou’s poem “Caged Bird”. This piece takes a hard look at what it means to be enslaved and what it means to be free. These differences are displayed through the lives of two birds, one caged and one free. This piece explores the different circumstances and the free and the enslaved –who long for freedom-by using diction, tension, and structure.
Angelou uses diction carefully to show the stark differences between the free and the enslaved. Stanzas one and four use specific describing words to portray the free bird as more dignified than the caged bird. “A free bird leaps… and floats…and dips his wing” (1,3,5). The free bird doesn’t just fly, it leaps into the sky; there is excitement and a driving force behind the action, a direct product of its freedom. The describing words for the free bird are exciting and bold. They have a lilting pleasant feel that roll off the tongue. This bird doesn’t have anything to fear, the world is open to it and that is why it “dares to claim the sky” (7).
Claim is the significant word in that line. The Oxford English Dictionary defines claim as, “a demand for something as due; and assertion of a right to something.” The free bird does not have restrictions; it instead enjoys rights. It has a “right to something” which in this case is the sky; everything is open and available to it. The action the bird takes through leaping and soaring through the sky is directly linked…

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