Essay Analysis Of The Poem ' For A Lady I Know '

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Racial discrimination is a subject that is blatant within our society. Studies say that it may even be embedded within our psyche. What we fail to acknowledged though, is that the social war on racial inequality is still a large issue in America that effects and discourages today’s youth into making them believe they will never escape the cycle of poverty. Oppression can be a creative force. How you handle the force of oppression is based on the attitude and determination of the oppressed and this attitude can give a new voice to break the chain of oppression.
An article written recently by Marc Lamont Hill and uploaded to the CNN website brings up the idea that, “white supremacy is embedded deeply within our collective psyches and our social institutions.” This is unintentionally true. We unintentionally are biased towards individuals of other races, but it was a different story in the past. In the poem “For a Lady I Know,” the main subject of the poem is that the main character believes that even in the afterlife, there is still slavery and minorities still wait on the white man no matter the circumstance. This arrogant idea is the reality though for some extremists. Though people are more prone to hiding their racial tensions, in previous decades the extreme nature of racism was obvious and undeniably discouraging towards minorities. The author of the poem, Countee Cullen was in fact African American and was a large part of the Harlem Renaissance. He used poetry as an…

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