Analysis Of The Movie ' Normal ' Essay

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This task was a difficult time for my double thinking in Spanish and English. When I saw a gender pronounce, I felt confusion and stress because in my first language everything has gender and the neutrality is a new subject as Latinxs movement. Then, this essay was a good exercise to use my neutral vocabulary.
In this exercise also demonstrate of the complexity of human beings who has different identities not only in race or ethnicity, also the identification in affection orientation, gender and ally are really important to know and respect. It is the case of the Normal movie where the different intersectionalities are in the context and show how the binary is more complex and questionable. My sister said we have white and black, but we need to know that between of those colors exist variety tones of gray and colors, that it is the case of this exercise.
First, in the movie “Normal,” Roy is a devote partner who provide enough to their family. Roy confronted Irma and society that about their feels a different gender identification. Roy decides to get the surgery to change their sex. Roy investigated in literature and studies what happened in surgery to change the biological sex. Roy wants to live with their family, but they do not change their mind about the surgery. Then, Roy changes little by little to people assimilate those changes that it is an important consideration for their person. Also, it is a form to self-preservation that it is important of the transformation to…

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