Analysis Of The Movie ' Black Hat ' Essay

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In the movie Black Hat, Nicholas with the help of Captain Chen Dawai, his sister Chen Lien and FBI agent Barrett configures a way to find the perpetrators responsible for a nuclear plant explosion and the hackers that initiated a pump and dump scheme to the Mercantile Trade Exchange. Throughout the duration of the movie, the characters find themselves traveling all over the globe trying to find the persons responsible for these series of serious offenses. However, they find themselves facing life and death situations and eventually the captain and agent Barrett dies during an exchange of gunfire leaving Nicholas and Chen to find the hackers alone.
The team considered that the hackers were using a RAT, which is a remote access tool to do their damage. After an intense investigation, the team finds out that one of the hackers is a man named Kassar. Kassar initiated his spree of attacks by launching a Trojan horse because his virus opened a backdoor in the system of his target and then it delivered a payload. On the other hand, Nicholas uses his skills to transfer the hackers’ money via a flash drive. He did this by hacking into their bank account that had the illegal money from the pump and dump scheme of the soy futures and Nicholas uses it to lure them to him. Then, Nicholas and Chen meet with hackers in a crowded parade and then kills the hacker. In addition to still having possession over the money, he transferred from the hackers’ account.
The main character Nicholas is…

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