Analysis Of The Movie ' A Beautiful Mind ' Essay

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A Beautiful Mind is a movie about a man surviving his adult life with Schizophrenia (Howard, 2001). At the start of the movie the main character John Nash begins to attend Princeton University within the math department. He is a lonely boy from West Virginia until he learns that he has a roommate, Charles. John and Charles become very good friends and Charles convinces him to push himself to achieve things when John wanted to give up. John soon begins to skip class because he claimed it was a waste of time. He wanted to come up with his own original idea so that he could be published just like the rest of his classmates. He soon finds a new way of economics in which everyone in the group would win, instead of letting every man fend for themselves. This idea was published and John felt very confident and achieved a lot from this discovery. Due to his achievements John was contacted by the Department of Defense to break Soviet codes in newspapers that were to tell the US the location of H-bombs the Soviets planted on US soil. While working on this classified project, one of John’s students, Alicha, approached him and asked him to dinner. Then fell in love and got married. Time passes and John continues to work on his classified case. Then one day he meets his old roommates niece, Macee. She is a very sweet girl and John begins to grow very fond of her. One night while at home John thinks that the Soviets are after him and his wife and he tells her that she has to leave. During…

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