Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' Young Goodman Brown '

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Society creates many illusions of the world, some good, and some bad.
But what about the way you perceive the world around you? Are you seeing the truth in the world or is it just a mere illusion of how you want to believe the world actually is. In the works Young Goodman Brown written by Nathaniel Hawthorne and Harrison Bergeron written by Kurt Vonnegut, one focusing on the evils of perceptive religion and the other focuses on the evils of the idea of a perfect political systems. The author’s contrasts society’s views of the worlds created to the perceptive of the how the main character react to the worlds. Young Goodman Brown is naive to the fact of there being evils in the idea world of religion. Harrison Bergeron is aware of the evils that are placed against him through an oppressive political system and chooses to fight back. In both short stories the authors set up seemingly unproblematic societies. We are introduced to Young Goodman Brown who is a resident of the village of Salem and his wife Faith. The name that Hawthorne uses specifically sticks out because it hints at the naiveté of young Goodman brown. Hence the name “young” which implies that he doesn’t know much about the real world due to not necessarily due to his age, but certainly due to his experiences, and “Goodman” implying that he is good and seemingly lacking flaws. In this society created by Hawthorn of good Christians it would be surprising to see the practicing a religion that is completely…

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