Analysis Of The Book ' The One Of The Greatest Stories Of All Time '

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Sophocles wrote the one of the greatest stories of all time Antigone (Fig. 2). In the first part of the play. Antigone and her sister, Ismene are introduced talking about the law Creon their new king and uncle have bestowed upon the place. Antigone is a young princess who puts herself against her uncle. Antigone was the daughter of Oedipus and Jocasta, who are part of a Theban Saga. After Oedipus left the throne, his two sons Eteocles, and Polyneices agreed to rule “Thebes in alternate years (Thompson, 1997, p 1) when they came of age (Thompson, 1997, pp 1). At the end of his first ruling, Eteocles goes back on his promise and refused to step down. In anger Polyneices raised up an army. The army was made up of enemies of Thebes and led them against his city. At the end of the battle, the invading army was defeated and both brothers were killed by each other’s hand (Thompson, 1997, pp 1).
Therefore, because of Polyneices betrayal, Creon stated that they should leave him unburied, a corpse forbids and dogs to eat, a ghastly sight of shame. Creon made a law that Polyneices remains unburied while his brother, Eteocles, gets the proper burial that he deserves and that “he who disobeys in any detail shall be put to death (Tripathy, 2013, p 27)”. Because of Antigone’s view on family and respect for the Gods, she defies her uncles and buries her brother (Dawe, 1997, pp 4). When caught and brought to Creon, he condemns Antigone to death, “this, in turn, precipitate the…

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