Analysis Of Sherman Alexie 's The Sacagawea Piece Essay examples

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I choose poem as my re-interprtation genre because I like poetry. The meaning behind every stanza and every line makes me think twice before being able to understand and interpret the meaning and intention of the writer. The Sacagawea piece by Sherman Alexie has a great meaning and message. I think that the piece is very poetic already, so I choose that piece to re-interpret it into a poem format. The poem genre allows me to delive the same message as Alexie’s piece in a shorter reading.
The rhyme pattern is a-b-c-b. Sacagawea is a unique syllable, I cannot find english word that would rhyme with Sacagawea. Therefore, I just chose something that would end with –ea. Though in English it is pronounced as –ee, I think that I was able to deliver the message properly. In every start of each stanza I started with “I am Sacagewea.” My intention of doing so is to emphasize who Sacagawea is and what she means to the Native American people, I also keep in mind to go along with Alexie’s message in the piece. I tried to make an ironic pattern in the poem, betweent the second and fourth line of each stanza. The third and sixth stanza are the ones that does not have irony implemented. The reason for that is because in the middle of Sacagawea’s journey, she might think that everything is going well. Leading the europeans going across North America. Then at the end, on the sixth stanza, it turns out that she might have taken the wrong approach to help the europeans explore North America.…

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